In-Home Pet Care: Amy, Copper and the Cats

L-R: Percy, Huxley (Bengal cats) and Copper (Bassett Hound) We have had the honor of having Marilyn care for our three pets when we have been out of town.  I can't tell you what peace of mind that I have, knowing that she is stopping by three times a day to look in on them.  Our basset hound, Copper, is an older lady with a few health problems, and Marilyn is so careful about making sure that she has a stress-free time.  Copper developed a bladder infection on one of our vacations, and Marilyn dropped everything she was doing to take her to the emergency vet, and then went above the call of duty by seeing over her recuperation in her own home.

While Copper benefits from three walks a day, and all the love she can soak up, our two cats are the real winners in this situation.  When we had to board them (before we found Marilyn), they were always so stressed/upset afterwards that they would refuse to interact with us for days after we'd returned from a trip.  Because they now get to stay at home when we're gone, they have had no problems adjusting.

I have always been very impressed with the attention to detail that Marilyn leaves in her notes.  It is always so much fun to read up on what 'the kids' have been up to when we get back.  I trust Marilyn implicitly with the care of our furry family members, and I would recommend her without reservation to anyone who is looking for in-home pet care.
Amy M.
Copper, the Basset Hound
Huxley and Percy, Bengal Cats
Prior Lake, MN
November 2008

CopperIn Memoriam - Sadly, Copper, the beautiful basset hound, passed away on January 6, 2009. She was a fantastic friend and companion, and touched many lives over her career as a therapy dog as well as a family pet. I'm honored to have been able to care for Copper several times over the past few years. She was always patient when I had to administer her eye drops, but impatient when it came time to get her medicine... primarily because her pills were delivered secretly in little bundles of luncheon meat. She was spunky on walks, barking heartily if I didn't move fast enough in the direction she wanted to go... but if there was something worth smelling, then we stopped while she enjoyed the scent for as long as she wanted! Copper lived! She showed me how to enjoy the walk and the taste the deli snacks along the way!



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