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    Jack Russel & toilet paper

    Puppy Preschool is designed to help you get started off on the right paw with your dog (or help you get back on track!). Puppies are cute, yet time-consuming. Adorable, yet exhausting. This class is for four-legged students 7-16 weeks and their people. Socialization is key during this developmental phase for your pup to grow into a well-rounded dog. So even if your puppy is perfect, bring him or her to class anyway to get the all important interactions with other pups and people. We will also teach you how to deal with those pesky puppy issues like house-training, nipping/mouthing and chewing. You dogs will learn to respond on cue to sit, down, relax and leave it. Next class: Level 1.

    Dog stealing foodFoundations Class is for dogs over 4-months of age that have had no previous formal training. This class is geared to enhance understanding and communication with your dog to make life more enjoyable. This class is a prerequisite for Level 1. You will gain confidence in your leash handling skills, and your ability set rules and work with your dog We discuss solutions for jumping, nipping/biting and recovering stolen property (shoes, socks, remotes, etc.). Your dog will learn basic cues like sit, down, relax, stay and leave it. Each week is different so your dog will learn to focus and relax around other dogs.

    Westie pulling humanLevel 1 is a beginning class is for any age dog that has completed a Puppy or Initiates class. Together you and your dog will learn important daily living skills, like walking on a leash, staying in a sit or down with distractions, and coming when called. You will also be introduced to relationship enhancing games and tricks to make learning fun and rewarding for handler and dog.

    Mastiff with head phonesLevel 2 the fun continues as you practice and polish the skills of Level 1. It’s usually distractions in the ‘real world’ that cause us the most frustration. It seems like our dogs don’t listen when something more exciting is at hand. In this class, focus and attention are improved as you and your dog learn to work together with new and increased distractions. This class is designed to continue building your relationship while you prepare for the achievement of your Canine Good Citizen award. Bring a mat, carpet square or bed to this class.

    Canine Good Citizen Testing

    Level 3 an even better behaved dog. More info coming soon.

    Level 4 is for showing off and competing in dog sports. More info coming soon. 

    $115 for six sessions, Includes clicker and 1lb bag of Solid Gold Jerky Treats for training ($16 value)

    Vet documented current vaccinations for rabies, distemper/parvo and bordetella.

    Well-fitted flat collar with buckle or snap closure. 6 foot (1/4" – 5/8" wide) leash. Leather is preferred. Participants may also bring harnesses, head collars or other training tools they feel may be necessary, but we may not use them in class. Breeds susceptible to trachea damage should use a harness.

    Call 952-226-2660 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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    Thanks to last weeks class regarding food and the danger of certain foods, I was informed.

    Millie - GErman Shepherd DogIronically enough my youngest daughter (4 yrs old) was sneaking some grapes - she didn't want to get caught, so she hid them on our shortest counter in the kitchen behind my purse. I was getting ready upstairs, when I came down stairs there was Millie with a bag of grapes. I wasn't sure if she ate any or not, so I called the emergency vet and they instructed to induce vomiting. So down the hatch - hydrogen peroxide, it took seconds to discover Millie had ate between 20-30 grapes. Which for her size could/would have lead to instant Renal Failure. Very scary. I am glad to report she is just fine. Thank God.

    Needless to say grapes are permanently off our grocery list for awhile and it was a good reminder to me that even through she is being a very well behaved Pup..She still is a "puppy". haha..

    So a huge Thank you for sharing your knowledge of "bad" foods, I may have blown her eating grapes off otherwise.

    Tedie F. and Millie, German Shepherd Dog
    Attended PuppyTraining at Paws & Pals, Prior Lake
    January 2012

    John the BullmastiffHey!  I know that I won't get a chance to talk to you at class tonight but wanted to throw the biggest THANK YOU your way!  Our morning walk was absolutely, positively, hands down the BEST walk I have ever had with any of my dogs!  A relaxing walk for me was like a Bigfoot sighting:  you hear about it, know about it, but you know you'll never actually see it for yourself.  John not only walked at my side, he only pulled 3x (when we first started out).  I didn't have to constantly talk to him (he probably appreciated it) & it was AWESOME!  Oh yeah, he waved at Jim this morning!

    Thank you so very, very much!

    Nikki S. & John (Bullmastiff)
    Private, In-home Training &
    Attended Puppy and Level 1 Training Class at Paws & Pals, Prior Lake, MN
    January 2013

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  • Animal Communication Workshops

    Does your dog know he’s going for a walk even before you get out his leash?
    How did he know?

    Ever notice how your cat comes running the second you think to fill her food bowl?
    Is it really a coincidence?

    Is your PET communicating with you?

    The sixth sense is a natural sense humans have, and animals share. Often the things that we write off to coincidence are really our underdeveloped sixth sense at work. We each have a natural ability to communicate using thoughts, images, feelings or words. All living beings are wired to send and receive messages to one another in this way. When an old friend who’s been on your mind calls “out of the blue,” it’s not just a coincidence. In reality, there’s an ancient language at work. One we and our animal companions have in common.

    These workshops are designed to help awaken your natural ability to communicate with all living beings, practice your skills, and build a deeper understanding and bond between you and your pet. Whether you’re a beginner or would like to enhance your telepathic skills there is a class here for you!

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