Workshop Participant Finds Lost Dog: Laurie

I attended a Weekend Workshop with Marilyn in September 2005. I have always wanted to but never strongly developed the senses that I’ve heard others talk about, even though I have a good relationship with animals. I’ve always been interested in animal communication and even had my horse have a reading.

When I heard about a Weekend Workshop with Marilyn I had a strong sense that this is it! I really didn’t know what to expect but with developing exercises and encouragement I was able to communicate with several animals that weekend. Marilyn has the capabilities and insight to teach her students how to recognize the negative aspects in our lives and how to turn the thought processes around and have them become upbeat and positive to gain what we are seeking. That was a terrific eye opener for me. Many things happened that weekend that I can reflect back on to understand the meanings and changes have come about in my life since the class.

The class is a well thought out process designed to help you recognize the different stages in developing the insight to communicate with the animals.

I had a traumatic experience shortly after the class. One of my horses enjoys getting out and wandering around the yard. He seems to think it is his right. I had seen him out in the back yard and went to put him back in the pen. My dogs ran out with me, one of them being an American Eskimo who has selective hearing and he proceeded to chase my gelding and yap at his heels. The horse became very excited and ran over my mini dachshund. Jada ran off screaming as I finally caught the horse and put him in. I searched all over for the little dog with no luck. I know I searched over ½ hour for her. I finally went into the house to calm down and meditate and see if I could connect with her. After a few minutes I could see what she was seeing and I also could hear her yelling at me that she HURT! I was getting weeds and corn stalks all around her. I have cornfields on two sides of me. I had a strong pull to cross over to the neighbor's yard and walk along the edge of the cornfield and their yard. After walking along the edge of the field for about 200 feet I looked down and there she was hiding back in the weeds and not moving. She was shaking so hard I was scared to pick her up not knowing if she was injured badly or what. I brought her home and had a sense that she was more terrified than hurt.

I do not feel that I would have found her so easily if I had not developed and accepted my skills to "speak" with animals. I am continuing to work with my skills and will be attending practice sessions with Marilyn when she is in Wisconsin. Thanks Marilyn for showing me the way!

Laurie H.

Hustisford, WI
Weekend Intensive 2005



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