Specials and Updates

Diane Sacksteder & Mercury

About Dog Training...

MercuryWe LOVE Marilyn! Her training helped us get through the first year of our lives with our crazy Rescue dog. He was unlike any other dog I had ever owned, so I knew I had to try a different technique than my usual Traditional Training style. We contacted Marylin, and even though we were skeptical at first of the clicker/treating style she incorporates, but the end of our first hour with her, we were sold! We now use everything she taught us for all 4 of our dogs, and my dogs love us for it! Cannot recommend her highly enough! READ MORE...

Diane S & Mercury (Rottweiler)
Eden Prairie, MN
Private Training with Mercury - April 2011
Level 1 & Level 2 Class with Mercury - June-August 2011
Level 1 Class Training with Luna - October 2012

Angie Bissonnette, Jayda & Dexter

About Dog Training...

Absolutely love Marilyn and her teaching ways...teaching the dog AND the human how to work as one. After going through all of her classes my dog has become a great member of my family. I truly believe it is from what Marilyn has taught us. READ MORE...

Angie B., Dexter & Jayda
Training Classes:
Puppy, Level 1 & 2+
January 2013

Nikki Scott & John

About Dog Training...

John the Bullmastiff
I know that I won't get a chance to talk to you at class tonight but wanted to throw the biggest THANK YOU your way!  Our morning walk was absolutely, positively, hands down the BEST walk I have ever had with any of my dogs!  A relaxing walk for me was like a Bigfoot sighting:  you hear about it, know about it, but you know you'll never actually see it for yourself.  John not only walked at my side, he only pulled 3x (when we first started out).  I didn't have to constantly talk to him (he probably appreciated it) & it was AWESOME!  Oh yeah, he waved at Jim this morning!

Thank you so very, very much!

Nikki S. & John (Bullmastiff)
Private Training &
Level 1 Training Class
Paws & Pals, Prior Lake, MN
January 2013

Tedie Fahey & Millie

About Training Classes...

Thanks to last weeks class regarding food and the danger of certain foods, I was informed.

Ironically enough my youngest daughter (4 yrs old) was sneaking some grapes - she didn't want to get caught, so she hid them on our shortest counter in the kitchen behind my purse. I was getting ready upstairs, when I came down stairs there was Millie with a bag of grapes. I wasn't sure if she ate any or not, so I called the emergency vet and they instructed to induce vomiting. So down the hatch - hydrogen peroxide, it took seconds to discover Millie had ate between 20-30 grapes. Which for her size could/would have lead to instant Renal Failure. Very scary. I am glad to report she is just fine. Thank God.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge of "bad" foods.

Tedie F. & Millie (GSD)
Training class
Paws & Pals, Prior Lake
January 2012

Amy Angrimson - Private Train

About Private Dog Training...

Phoebe did so great with Kris and Cheryl tonight I almost cried! It's amazing to see how well she does with strangers now. We've even had 2 days and counting poop free during the day!!! I will be passing on your information to anyone I know that needs training. I've worked with trainers before and have never been this impressed. Thank you so much!!!

Amy A. & Phoebe
New Hope, MN

Kocks-Lori Snickers

About Animal Communication...

After our reading Snickers appears to be more relaxed around my husband, Steve. Today was the first time he didn’t bark at Steve when he entered the house. Well, he barked once but nothing like how he has been since June. I am a true believer and I plan on spreading the word. Thank you so much.

Lori Kocks
Snickers, the rescue dog
(nervous around men)
St. Bonifacius, MN

Board-Monica Gray

...about boarding...

I wanted to thank you again for watching Emma for us during our road trip. Since she gets so nervous around most people and can come off as being slightly aggressive with other dogs it makes it very hard to find someone to watch her when we are away. We are so fortunate to know you and felt very confident knowing Emma was in your hands. We were very happy that she did well with you. We will definitely utilize your services in the future and highly recommend you to others!

Monica G
& Emma (Lab/ChowX)
Lakeville, MN
July 2010

Carol, Willie & Skimbleshanks

... About Animal Communication with Sheri

Thank you for your help communicating with our Skimbleshanks (cat). We always enjoy learning about our pets’ viewpoints and feelings. We’ll continue to monitor him given the helpful information Sheri told us.

Fortunately for all involved you share your gifts with us!

Till next time –
Stay Healthy,
Carol & Willie
Minneapolis, MN
April 12, 2010



  • Bear & Carolyn

    About Animal Communication...Thank you for your patience & caring. Bear & I are still doing the transition thing but the house is coming along. He has blossomed into a confident, protective, loving friend. (who loves skunks!)~Carolyn,Taos, NM Read More
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