This message is from Anne Hendrickson, owner of Downtown Dogs, Minneapolis, MN.  I am also posting this message here on my blog for a few reasons.  First, I would like to support my friend, Anne, and her staff because I think they offer one of the best dog day care services in the Twin Cities. Second, I like to recommend businesses that give back to the community and are conscientious stewards of the animals and the planet we share; Downtown Dogs does this in so many ways. And lastly, the dogs that get to day care, whether it's once a week or everyday benefit from the exercise, socialization and exposure to to new activities - it's good for them.  And with the colder weather settling in, keep in mind that at least you get out of the house to work or shop. If you don't have time to get your dog out for exercise, don't be surprised if cabin fever sets in and their manners go south for the winter. Dog training with Pure Spirit will help, but a little variety, like a trip to Downtown Dogs is a great treat, too.  


Anne Hendrickson, Owner, Downtown Dogs & RileyFrom Anne Hendrickson:

Since it is the holidays and everyone is thinking about giving just wanted to make sure you knew what you gave just by coming to Downtown Dogs and sending clients our way. Check out what you have done!

Not a day goes by where I don't think with gratitude about how wonderful our customers and supporters are. Know it or not, you have done more good for the economy and the planet than you probably realize just by doing something great for your own dog.

Downtown Dogs helps dogs, an economy and a planet in need

Downtown Dogs reinvests a significant portion of its proceeds into philanthropy and into "greening" our business. (And as a bonus this creates jobs that stimulate the economy! You can't even imagine what you have made possible for so many this year!)

Downtown Dogs LogoTo start, Downtown Dogs fosters over 100 dogs per year at NO COST to the organizations. Many of these dogs were on death row and so any one we take is a life saved. So you are not just making your own dogs life better by coming, you are making it better for many others. Not only that, we were able to support dogs at Home for Life Animal Sanctuary and Pet Haven.

You helped the economy by helping your dog!

And it goes far beyond that. Thinking of our planet is also a daily part of the processes and business of Downtown Dogs. As much as we are able, we re-invest any revenue into the business to make it "greener". Our air filtration and HVAC systems are some of the greenest on the market. They move all the air in the facility every ½ hour use less electricity than a 100 watt light bulb! And our floor mats saved over 20,000 tires from a landfill!

And, most exciting when our roof needed replacement we were able to replace it with a "white roof" that will greatly reduce the green house effect caused by black roofs and roads. Also roofing work creates jobs at a ratio of 4:1 over any other kind of contracting. Besides the jobs you create for Downtown Dogs employees (THANK YOU), you have created jobs for many contractors. When you hear that things are "picking up" you had a very real part in making that happen.

You do so much more than you realize...

So if you're like me and always wishing you could do more, know that you are doing more just by coming to Downtown Dogs and I hope you feel really good about it because you are making a significant difference.

We are so grateful

I just wanted to take a moment to thank every one of you and for your continued support and thank you on behalf of all the dogs, workers, and the planet that share my gratitude. (And so does your pup. Thanks for being a caring, committed dog parent!)

Happy Holidays,

Anne Hendrickson