Focus on what you want

Cues your dog must know: DOWN and/or STAY

Throughout your day focus on what you WANT.  If you want your dog to lie down while you and your family are eating your meals… FOCUS on your dog lying down during mealtime.

Keep in your mind a picture of the dog lying on their special bed (in sight of you) while you eat.Pit Bull Lies in bed

Before you sit down to dinner, show your dog to their mat and give them the DOWN/STAY command. If they get up, quietly, but quickly, help them to return to the bed and lay down. Give them treats periodically while they are on the mat.

If they get up and you have to put them back, do not treat after putting them back on the mat, but do look for an opportunity to reward the dog once they have settled back in.

During this entire process mind your thoughts – hold an image in your mind of your dog lying comfortably on their bed while you eat and clear the dishes. Focusing on what you want will get you and your dog to that happy place quicker and with less stress than if you focus on the things you ‘wish’ they wouldn’t do.

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