This message is from Anne Hendrickson, owner of Downtown Dogs, Minneapolis, MN.  I am also posting this message here on my blog for a few reasons.  First, I would like to support my friend, Anne, and her staff because I think they offer one of the best dog day care services in the Twin Cities. Second, I like to recommend businesses that give back to the community and are conscientious stewards of the animals and the planet we share; Downtown Dogs does this in so many ways. And lastly, the dogs that get to day care, whether it's once a week or everyday benefit from the exercise, socialization and exposure to to new activities - it's good for them.  And with the colder weather settling in, keep in mind that at least you get out of the house to work or shop. If you don't have time to get your dog out for exercise, don't be surprised if cabin fever sets in and their manners go south for the winter. Dog training with Pure Spirit will help, but a little variety, like a trip to Downtown Dogs is a great treat, too.

From guest blogger: Janeen McMurtrie, Smart Dogs Weblog, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

“Felony” Police Dog Gets Death Penalty

November 27, 2009

Most of the local outlets aren’t covering this, but Minneapolis KARE11 News is reporting on the “euthanasia” of a local police K-9:

At ten years of age, Felony was nearing the end of his K-9 career with the Howard Lake Police Department. It just wasn’t supposed to end like this.

Broder & the Black Dog

Broder, my visiting hound mix, and I were on a walk over by the river, just minding our own business and enjoying the crisp autumn air, when we passed a house with two barking corgis and a lab/chow mix.  The medium-sized black dog was clearly more agitated than her two shorter companions that some interlopers had dared walk on the dike 30 yards from her fence line.  In one deft movement, she launched herself off some furniture and sailed over the wooden fence, in a bee-line straight for us.  It was apparent by her eyes that she was more interested in Broder than me.  I could tell by her facial tension, ear set, body orientation and tail-carriage that she wasn’t interested in him in a good way.

A Dangerous Job: Perimeters, Porties & Police

I took a bullet for a dog today. 

Okay, not really.  But it kind of sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Potugese Water Dog compliments of AKC.orgI was at my last training session of a rather arduous week of bad weather, difficult situations, cranky people and a few dogs with unusual issues (who really needed more help, but their owners were in a bit of denial).  This last training was a 3-month-old Portugese Waterdog named Gaspar (meaning Treasure Keeper) that I was training for Invisible Fence.

Dogs need jobs!

Seriously, we all need purpose in life and dogs are no exception!  Their job can be as simple as taking you for a walk to get your exercise, or being your comic relief at the end of a long day.  Sometimes just this change in perception in the owner's mind can make a difference in the way a dog views their purpose, and that can lead to a change in behavior.

Finally, enough snow in the south metro to pull out my new dog sled and give it a try.  Well, it's new to me, I bought the sled used, a few months ago, ever since I’ve been watching the snow fall, hoping for a fair amount of accumulation to safely give it a try on the field behind my house.  Yesterday afternoon the conditions seemed perfect. 

I like Rocky.  The middle-aged Gordon Setter has been a fixture in our neighborhood since his people moved into the house around the corner a few years ago.  I don’t know his people well, just the obligatory hello and the occasional chat about the weather. But I know Rocky.

A fellow dog trainer looking for a solution for a client’s dog posed this question:
What can be done about a dog that regularly climbs over a chain link fence?  Would you suggest a privacy fence or invisible fence?"


I was just reminded of how simple dog training can be! And how complex! 

Early this morning Rayna and I went for a long walk around the neighborhood. Rayna is a German Shepherd Dog I’m dog sitting for a few days. As we rounded the corner the early morning silence was broken by the faux threat of a young Pomeranian dog

When I was six years old my parents broke the news to me that Tico, our faithful and ancient poodle, was being put to sleep the next day. I knew the meaning behind the euphemism even then. Horrified, I looked at my parents and knew that drastic action needed to be taken.