Pure Spirit is a Twin Cities leader in dog training and is an internationally renowned specialist in animal communication.

Pure Spirit is dedicated to creating understanding between people and animals. Through appreciation of our differences, we can learn to live in harmony with our companion animals and the wild ones who share our planet. Each animal is an individual with their own needs, expectations and personalities. Understanding their individuality and clearly defining our own expectations will help us to bridge the gaps between us and create a relationship that is engaging, supportive, beneficial and fulfilling for both people and animals.


Four Dog CanicrossCanicross is the sport of moving cross country with your dog on foot.  It is similar to Skijoring without the skis.  You can do it year-round and go at whatever pace works for you and your dog. We usually walk or hike.  It’s an easy sport for both dog and handler to learn, especially if you go with other people and let the novice dogs learn from the more seasoned dogs.Canicross

The equipment used for canicross is the same as the equipment for skijoring.  A special pulling harness is fitted on the dog, the human wears a belt snug and low around the hips and bungee line connects the two.  The dog is encouraged to pull and keep the line tight, but the bungee and belt absorb the tugging and it makes for a very smooth walk.