Gift Ideas for Pets and Their People

By: Trish Phillips

Whether you consider yourself a pet parent or pet owner, and your four-legged or feathered friend a fur-child or pet, many of you will buy presents for your pets this year. As pets become increasingly integral parts of the family, many of us will recognize this special relationship by purchasing special treats, toys or trinkets for them. At Pure Spirit, our focus is enhancing the relationship between pets and pet owners. We offer this listing of ideas for you and your own pet – or for friends and family members who have pets.

Puppy in Gift Box

For Pets:

There are an infinite number of options for pets: a new bed or blanket, special toy or treat. Pet people may appreciate clothing, jewelry, dishware or frames that let them broadcast to others the importance of their pets in their lives. At Pure Spirit, we recommend that you invest in “gifts” for your pets that boost the relationship between you. Some ideas include:

  • a training class to hone basic skills, learn new ones, or to build socialization skills with other dogs and new people.
  • private training sessions to work on specific issues that might be hindering the best possible relationship with your dog.
  • interactive toys and games that build your pet’s confidence, challenge them mentally, and help them learn new skills.
  • doggie day care sessions or dog walker visits to break up their routine.
  • professional pet massage

For Pet People:

Snowman with Animals

  • training classes or private training sessions to enhance your relationship by working toward common goals.
  • animal communication session gift certificate
  • books or magazine subscriptions pertaining to pets, training and relationship building.
  • membership to local regional or state parks for hiking
  • pet photography sessions
  • custom artwork of your beloved pet