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Holiday Hazards to Avoid

By: Trish Phillips

We all know that the holidays bring festivities, family, friends, food, fun... twinkling lights, trees, tinsel. The Pure Spirit team hopes that the holidays and resulting celebrations bring nothing but joy, health and good times for you and your pets this season.

Most of us also know the obvious hazards for our pets – chocolate, electrical cords, tinsel.  Awareness, planning and diligence can prevent health issues, emergency room visits or more drastic problems for our pets this season. Here are some lesser-known issues that veterinarians report higher incidence during this time of year:

  • lacerations and intestinal issues that are serious or could be fatal can be caused by pine needles, cooked and raw bones, aluminum foil, string, tinsel, package ribbon. Cats are especially curious about bright lights and shiny, sparkly things.
  • burns can be prevented by keeping pets away from lighted candles, hot stoves or pans, electrical cords or traditional tree lights.
  • avoid electrical shock by securing electrical cords so that they cannot be chewed. Also, prevent the possibility of choking by not “decorating” your pets with ribbons, bows, etc.
  • fatty foods, butter, oil, gravy can cause pancreatitis in our pets.
  • Plant toxins from holly, mistletoe, chocolate, nuts, grapes, alcohol can be particularly poisonous.

Listed below are several links to sites that we recommend and respect to provide more information about holiday traditions that can be hazardous to our pets.

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