If you talk with the animals

they will talk with you

and you will know each other.


If you do not talk with them,

you will not know them.

And what you do not know you will fear.

What one fears, one destroys.


~ Chief Dan George

Animal Communications


Another great success story with Marilyn. I purchased my mare when she was three years old and she is now six. From the day we got her home, nobody was able to go up to her and pet her. She was so shy and skittish, that even if she came over to sniff you, your back had to be turned to her and the minute you would move, she was gone. You could just see it in her that she was always on the edge and nervous about everything.

It was always a trick to catch her to ride. I'd have to first get her in a stall and then shut the doors. Then it was another 15 to 20 minutes to catch her in a 12 x 12 stall to get her halter on her. When you would get on her back to ride her, she went 100 mph. She was so wired that the words slow and relax were not in her vocabulary.

After two years of her being like this, I had heard about Marilyn and decided to give her a call to find out what was going on with Farrah to cause all this anxiety. About a week after my session with Marilyn, I had a totally different horse.

This horse started coming up to me, then to my husband and then the most unbelievable part was when other people Farrah didn't even know would go up to the fence to pet our gelding and Farrah would actually walk up and let them touch her. I would say that she acts more aware and confident of what is around her instead of being nervous and anxious like she was before Marilyn spoke with her.

As far as riding her now, I get on her and this horse only goes 100 mph when I ask her. Otherwise, she stands for me to get on, waits for me to give her the cue to walk off and walk off she does, no more bolting.

Before working with Marilyn, there were MANY, MANY times I had contemplated selling this horse because I didnít think we were ever going to get on the same page. Today, I wouldnít sell this horse for a MILLION DOLLARS. She has the sweetest disposition and we have developed an unbelievable bond. I truly believe that if I hadn't met Marilyn and asked for her help, I would have never known what a diamond in the rough I had.

A world of thanks to you Marilyn!!!

~Kathy B. & Farrah
Hankinson, ND
December 2005