If you talk with the animals

they will talk with you

and you will know each other.


If you do not talk with them,

you will not know them.

And what you do not know you will fear.

What one fears, one destroys.


~ Chief Dan George

Animal Communications


MerlinMy cat, Merlin, was very, very sick and the vet discussed putting him down. After spending over $600.00 in veterinary bills and still having no real answers, I contacted Marilyn. She told me that Merlin wasn't going anywhere and that he wanted to heal naturally. She recommended a holistic vet. At his 3-week check up, the vet couldn't believe that he was the same cat. Today he is healthy, full of energy and personality, with no signs or lasting effects of any illness.

MerlinMarilyn not only offered very accurate information, on things that she would have no way to know, but peace of mind as well. After Merlin felt heard by us, the energy in the house shifted, and we all began a healing process together.

I can not say how much Marilyn has helped us. I would, and have, recommended her to anyone without reservation.

~Julianne A., St. Paul MN
October 2004

IN MEMORIAM ~ Merlin passed away peacfully in his sleep the last week of April 2005. He will be missed greatly, but his spirit lives on.