If you talk with the animals

they will talk with you

and you will know each other.


If you do not talk with them,

you will not know them.

And what you do not know you will fear.

What one fears, one destroys.


~ Chief Dan George

Animal Communications


I want to send you a note to thank you for all you have done for me (and my dogs). Over the last two years first with Cashew and Gypsy and their end-of-life issues and more recently with Sofie, you have been a tremendous help.

To let you know, Sofie has not either peed or pooped in the house since you spoke with her. I am completely amazed as it was an almost daily occurrence before you talked with her.

Thanks again, I really appreciate your help. I have decided that Sofie can stay here with me as she seems to be much calmer and at least for the time being seems to be getting her needs met. Although I have not had her off leash a great deal, I have had short periods off leash and she has not run off... I am very thankful!

Mike C
January 2, 2008
San Diego, CA