If you talk with the animals

they will talk with you

and you will know each other.


If you do not talk with them,

you will not know them.

And what you do not know you will fear.

What one fears, one destroys.


~ Chief Dan George

Animal Communications


I am writing to share my experience I had with Marilyn Tokach as an animal communicator.

I had asked my Mugsy (a male Maltese) through Marilyn, what he thought of being alone while we are at work. I guess I was concerned that he was having slight separation anxiety. She told me that he told her he believes he has a job and thinks of himself as 'watching the house'. She said she saw a 'look out' of sorts and that he surveys the neighborhood from a leather chair. She told me that he sees one man on a regular basis and knows he's supposed to be there but watches out for strangers. The thing I found amazing about this was Mugsy likes to sit on the back of our leather couch which looks out our living room picture window. He sits there all day. We also have a neighbor across the streets from us, who repairs cars out of his garage so he is always home and out in the yard. I couldn't believe she could have picked up that he likes to survey the neighborhood from a leather perch without ever having been at my home to know we had a leather couch!

We also had another dog for a while who we adopted from a rescue organization. Marilyn expressed that she was telling her she thinks in 'Pink' and that she kind of associates the color pink with love and being loved. At first Marilyn thought it may have come from her previous home, but I knew that wasn't the case as my baby girl came from a very unloving environment. What Marilyn could never have known however, is since she came to live with us, we treated her like royalty to make up for her past. She had a pink rhinestone collar with a pink t-shirt that had 'Princess' printed on it and I used to wrap her in a pink blanket to keep her warm. So I can definitely see how my little girl would associate pink with love!

These are just a couple of the things that Marilyn was able to tell me about my babies while communicating with them. It was an experience I will never forget.

Sharon S.
Plymouth, MN