Last evening a bee/yellow-jacket looking thing landed between the computer monitor and me. I had been working in the office for hours and hadn’t a clue that the insect was even in the house!
She floated straight down from above with a fluttering buzzing sound from her wings. I thought she might be dying, but I definitely didn’t want to get stung so I couldn’t just let her sit there.  I left the room to get a tissue not really expecting her to be there when I returned, but she was. I carefully picked her up took her outside setting her on the front step.  Much to my surprise, she took a few steps, then flew away strong as ever!  As she rose up into the evening sky I felt a sense of relief and freedom coming from her.  I was really surprised and honored that we were able to share that moment.  And it felt good to get out of the office even for a few minutes and be reminded of my relationship with nature.