"An uninspiring person believes according to what he achieves. An aspiring person achieves according to what he believes." - Sri Chinmoy

Bones & HoldenWith regard to dog training if you only take the time to train a dog to sit, then that’s all YOU can achieve with your dog. It’s NOT the limit of your dog’s potential.

Aspire to be the best friend you can be for your dog. Be inspired by the possibilities.

Too often we believe all we need to teach our dog is to sit, lay down and stop jumping on our house guests. When we see a dog perform (at a dog show, in the theater or on TV) some awesome feat... like high level obedience, amazing jumps while catching a flying disc or fetching a beverage from the refrigerator we are too quick to dismiss our own dog's ability.

  • "My dog could never do that!" How do you know?  Did you ever try to train them?
  • "My dog is too (fill in the blank: stubborn, stupid, unmotivated, spastic, lazy, etc...)" Right. Wait... I'm sorry, did you say your DOG is those things? ... Sometimes our dogs are a reflection of ourselves.
  • "I don't have the time." Okay so that's actually not about the dogs ability, but let me ask you... You don't have the time, or you haven't made it a priority?

If one dog can do it, your dog can likely do it too. Give it a try!

Make training and enjoying life with your dog a priority!