Tragic Fire at Honey Do Rescue Ranch. Donations and Prayers Needed.

December 12, 2010
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List of needed items
December 13, 2010
List of Silent Auction Donors

Conversation with Larry Paul (coming soon)
Talk2TheAnimals - Blog Talk Radio with Guests Donita Paul and Jennifer Gibson of Honey Do Rescue

The status update on Facebook read: “The Honey Do Ranch Barns (all connected) are on fire. Most of the animals are stuck in the barn. We have lots of horses and ponies and hopefully goats that will survive and we need urgent temporary shelter for those that can help. Please call 612-735-0636 if you can help.”

Honey Do LogoHoney Do Rescue Ranch is a non-profit animal rescue based in Knapp, Wisconsin. It is a beautiful facility in a pastoral setting. Most of the animals that are on site are rescued animals. They raise money by hosting festive events for both groups and the general public and have a petting ranch for people of all ages to enjoy interaction with the animals. They rescue animals of all kinds including dogs, cats, horses, ponies, llamas, goats, and pot bellied pigs. Follow on Facebook.

There was a huge fire at the Honey Do Rescue Ranch in Knapp, WI on the morning of Sunday, December 12th. Approximately 100 animals lost their lives. At the time of this post all remaining animals (about 60) have been temporarily re-homed or taken to the vet for treatment. Honey Do is a non-profit rescue and they lost their barns, animal food, equipment, farm equipment, Super Duty truck and even their tractor for plowing snow.

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News Article

The Healing Loft was already planning their first annual Holiday Extravaganza and decided to make it a benefit for the Honey Do Animal Rescue Ranch on Saturday, December 18 10-6p.There will be beautiful decorations, live holiday music, an array of delicious treats and beverages, as well as a wonderful variety of vendors to peruse and wares to buy as last minute Holiday gifts! 50% of the proceeds from this event will go to the Honey Do Ranch. The Healing Loft will also accept donations both of monetary and other items they need. The Healing Loft is located at: 2112 Broadway St. NE, Suite 230-250, Minneapolis, MN 55414. is also taking donations from their clients when they deliver products this week.  If you are a MadDog client, please make a note on your order that you have donation items so they can be picked up.

You also can make donations through their website as well at Honey Do Ranch is a non-profit organization and so all donations are tax deductible.

Pure Spirit put together a partial list of items that can be donated to Honey Do Ranch. I'm sure there are things we forgot, but we just wanted to get people thinking about what it takes to run a rescue like this. (If you think of an item we forgot, please e-mail us) So much was lost in such a short time. If you can’t donate items or money – please send healing thoughts and prayers. This is a terrible tragedy.

Buckets (for watering)
Heated water bowls
Food bowls
Food/feed – Dog, cat, Horse, Llama, Alpaca (any and all food donations are welcome)
     Llama & Alpaca feed is available at Fleet Farm
     Horses were eating Triumph
     Dogs were eating Canidae
Treats - Dog, cat, Horse, Llama, Alpaca
Toys (horses, cats, dogs)
Grooming tools (Horses, dogs, cats)
Grooming/sheering clippers
Dog & Cat Shampoo
Hand tools - Drill, hammers, srewdrivers, pliers, etc
Dog Crates
Halters/lead ropes
Bedding (shavings, blankets, rugs, fleece fabric)
Cat Litter/ litter boxes
Scoops (Cat litter/ food & feed scoops)
Cleaning supplies:
     Dish soap
     Laundry soap
     Garbage bags
     Spray bottles
Brooms, shovels, pitch forks, rakes
Trash bins
Storage containers
Hoses/Garden Hoses & Spray nozzles
Utility carts
Postage Stamps
Gift cards for Target, Walmart, Fleet Farm, Fuel Cards, Office Max

December 13, 2010 Update

As of 3:30 PM December 13th the fire and Honey Do Rescue Ranch was still burning.  It is yet unknown how the fire started.  Fire inspectors are expected out in the next few days. Then clean up can begin. Then the rebuilding efforts.  Family and volunteers are overwhelmed with grief for their loss and gratitude for the compassion they are receiving.

The Healing Loft, located at 2112 Broadway St. NE, Suite 230-250, Minneapolis, MN 55414 is a drop site for material donations (see list).  PureSpirit will be coordinating with The Healing Loft and MadDog Delivers to transport items to Honey Do in Knapp, WI. If you have a truck and can help transport donated items, please call Marilyn at 952-226-2622.

Monetary donations can be made through the Honey Do website, any amount is helpful and appreciated.

The Healing Loft is also putting together a silent auction to raise money for the Honey Do. PureSpirit is assisting in wrangling donations.  If you, your company, a friend or a friend’s company can donate an item, basket, gift card, sports tickets or service to be auctioned at the Honey Do Benefit on Saturday, please call Kristin at 763-226-6943 or Marilyn at 952-226-2622.

If you know of any other events or benefits for Honey Do Rescue, please let me know (952-226-2622) and I will post them here until their site can be updated. Thank you for coming together in the wake of this tragedy.


The following companies and individuals have donated items to Honey Do and the Silent Auction. We really appreciate your donations (material and monetary), prayers and offers to help.

Sarah Beth Photography

Pam Jones/PaveTech

On the Muscle - Equine Bodywork

Plum Creek Associates

Ilga Cimbulis

Trish Phillips

Sid Korpi - Good Grief! Finding Peace After Pet Loss

Healing Hands Minnesota

Mad Dog Delivers

Bark Busters


Pureify Your Body

Benda Photography

Camp Bow Wow, Plymouth

Pets Are Inn, St. Paul

Pure Spirit - Animal Communication, Training & Behavior Solutions

Rebecca Amstutz - Animal Chiropractor

Points Unknown

Content Pets Mobile Vet Service

Dancing Porcupine