Shelly Newberg of Own Your Pets Life, is a PetTech instructor education pet owners on CPR and First Aid for animals. She wrote the following for our November newsletter, because we all want to have happy and healthy holidays…

Paw in equidistant crossWith the holidays rapidly upon us, do you know how to keep your pets safe?

Would you know what to do in case of an emergency?

Did you see what has happened to your furry loved one? Where you watching them?

Here is an amazing Thanksgiving story...

A holiday gathering with lots of family and love… and your pet is doing inspections of his own. This four-legged family member has eaten a towel filled with turkey trimmings. You haven't seen him eat it. Monday he is exhibiting signs of excitability, and then lethargy. You are not quite sure why. You call the vet to explain the symptoms, and the vet’s assistant has you bring Fido in....tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and you bring Fido in to get examined. Fido gets the x-rays he needs, and is rushed to emergency surgery. But he came in too late and the surgery is unsuccessful. Sad ending? This does not have to be you. Be sure to put Fido in a room that is safe and quiet away from the dangers of a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. This is only one danger that can happen during the holidays. Come and find out how our stories can save a life.

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Shelly Jean Newberg
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