Howl-O-Ween at Downtown Dogs!  What a blast!

Have you been to Downtown Dogs?  It’s located on the edge of downtown Minneapolis. It’s one block South of International Market Square, near the Farmers Market and the Impound Lot. You can find out more at

Anne Hendrickson, the owner called me last week to see if I would be interested in participating in their Howl-O-Ween event on Halloween.  I couldn’t think of a more fun way to spend the evening than giving to treats for tricks to dogs dressed as ladybugs, lobsters and lions.  Which begs the question… why do dog owners tend to dress their dogs up as other animals? Why can’t the dogs dress up as Lincoln or Einstein? One of Anne’s dogs was dressed as Yoda, but is Yoda a people, just because English he speaks and intelligent he seems?

There was a fantastic turn out!  I bet there were more dogs there than on a normal day of day care!  I don’t know that for sure, since I was visiting on Halloween for the first time, but there were an awful lot of dogs with their people. Everyone was having fun from what I could see. There was bobbing for (hot) dogs and a doggy game of tic tac toe, people were snapping pictures and there was a line for the animal communicator – oh! That was ME! 

And a long line it was!  I was able to connect with each dog briefly and do a quick communication or answer one question.  One dog wanted out of his costume, another wanted to go home, and yet another requested that the family cat be re-homed (I wasn’t granting wishes, just communicating! And the cat owners got a good laugh). The line went fast! I can’t remember the last time I did that much ‘communicating’ in such rapid succession; it was invigorating, and a little exhausting. Ninety minutes flew by in no time!

Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun and Anne had Pizza, pop and candy for the people and treats for the dogs. If you are ever invited to Downtown Dogs for a party – you should definitely go – it’s a BLAST!